Information for patients

Each of the panes below open onto pages packed with useful information that may be helpful before or during your treatment. with Mr Lower.

These pages contain information of value to our patients.

Make an appointment

Follow the link below to find out how to make an appointment with Mr Lower. We also include useful notes to help you prepare for your appointment.


This page gives you an indication of the fees charged for Mr Lower's professional services.

Private Medical Insurance

Mr Lower is recognised by most of the larger medical insurers. Some will cover some of our fees, some none at all and some will fully reimburse you for everything Mr Lower charges.

Hospital admission

This page contains information that will be useful if you need to be admitted for surgery.

Information on procedures

This page contains information about all of the commonly performed procedures

Fertility Treatment

Follow this link to find out more about the excellent clinics where Mr Lower has a satellite arrangement and can facilitate licensed fertility treatment in the UK and abroad.

Complementary Practitioners

Mr Lower has an inclusive view of complementary medicine and is fortunate to work with some gifted therapists and counsellors who help to deliver the best possible outcome for his patients.


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Follow the links below to visit the sites of some of Mr Lower's most trusted colleagues and satellite clinics.
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